Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bluebirds in Spring

     I love this time of year, as the colors and sounds of Spring fill the senses. Most of all, I love the Bluebirds that choose my yard to raise their young. With several bluebird boxes placed around the yard, I seem to attract lots of "takers", as they carefully select which of the boxes will best fit their needs. It's really the highlight of my year when these beautiful little birds pick my garden as their home.

     This year we have two very active nesting pairs, that are just beginning their second family of the season. As a bird photographer, I relish the opportunity to focus my lens on these dramatic spots of blue that flit about the yard, often with mouths filled with insect food for their little ones. It continues to astound me just how many insects these birds can capture everyday. Once the feeding starts, it is nonstop for several days. Momma arrives with a bug, followed by Dad with a moth. On and on it goes until the little ones are ready to enter the world of flight. For those of us who are lucky enough to witness that day, it is a magical experience to be cherished. Every year I feel like one of the luckiest guys on the planet.