Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old Images......New Life

        More and more I find myself searching through old images in hopes of finding something good that I may have overlooked months or even years ago. It's easy to miss something, when you shoot the huge number of images that I do each year. While I make every effort to carefully edit my images promptly after returning from a shoot, sometimes I just simply download the images to an external drive and forget about them. It's just one of those things that happens when dealing with large volumes of images.
       The image above is one of those  shots that somehow got lost in the archives, and only recently got rediscovered. It's always fun to stumble on to one of these shots and make the connection all over again. It's almost like being on location and getting the chance to reshoot the image.
       One thing that I continue to discover is just how good some of the older digital cameras were in their ability to capture wonderful images. This shot was taken with my old Canon 30D and my trusty Canon 100 - 400 L lens. This combination was my "go to" gear just a few years ago. Like so many of us, I have upgraded my equipment several times since then, but this image makes me ask the question "Why?" The old camera did a great job, and I have to say that it still does. Perhaps we all need to dust off some of the old gear and see what it can still do for us.