Friday, July 27, 2012

Golden Light.....the Sunrise Version

       Light is a subject that I never grow weary of discussing, as it can determine so much of the success or the failure of a photograph. I captured the image above earlier this month, while visiting one of the few remaining plantations in southern Georgia. This old weathered wooden door was being used as a decorative piece in one of the many floral gardens, and this Robin decided to nest in the attached basket. While that alone would have drawn me to make a photo, it was the golden light of sunrise that turned the photo into something special. The intensity of the sunrise light made the door glow as though it had been painted gold. The low angle of the light cast a shadow from both the bird and the basket onto the peeling paint of the old door, which gave the image some much needed depth to what might otherwise have been a very flat image. Adding to the mix, the soft orange hue of the Robin's breast feathers completed the transition from the weathered door to the wildlife subject.
       I really love capturing images that include the elements of man, while respecting the focus on wildlife. I know for many,  I am breaking some basic rules of "Wildlife Photography", but I never was one for following the rules. I hope you all enjoy this image, as I can't wait to print it.