Friday, April 5, 2013

The Last Gift of Winter
       For several years now, I have dreamed of finding the perfect snow, on the perfect day, and filled with the perfect light. In my mind, I visualized the powdered snow covering everything in sight, and then discovering a flock of Cardinals fluttering about in  some playful game of tag. I saw myself capturing their beauty again and again as I fired off countless frames, all of which would exhibit the perfect exposure, resulting in an award winning print.
     Well, it almost happened as I had hoped, but the "flock" never appeared. Only one beautiful red Cardinal decided to join me on this day, but I soon realized that I only needed one to make my dream come true. Cardinals and snow are a natural combination for any photographer, but catching them in the right place, with just the right kind of snowfall is a trick that eludes so many of us. On this day, a day that I had not really planned to do photography, all of the elements came together and I managed to grab the gear and work the scene until I felt I had the shot I wanted. After nearly and hour of tracking through the newly fallen snow, I found my Cardinal posing on the top of a fence post calling to his mate. His singular spot of red made the shot complete, and his willingness to sit motionless for several minutes made my task a joy. It is times like this that I simply say thank you, and then go on my way, knowing I have just witnessed a magical moment in time. Some would say I am blessed.