Monday, June 7, 2010

Where Have They Been?

This has been one of those years, where we have not seen many hummingbirds. It is not all that unusual, as they seem to run in cycles. Some years we are overrun with them, and others not so many. This Spring has not been a good year for them here in eastern Tennessee, but it looks like a few have finally started to arrive. They are, of course, very difficult to photograph, but that's the challenge and the fun of trying to capture them.

A few years ago, a nice lady approached my wife and I and offer to send us some seeds of a plant that she sworn would attract hummers. So, shortly after, we received a small packet of seeds, which we planted in the garden. Turns out she was right. Hummingbirds love the honeysuckle trumpet vine, and it has proven to be one of my best photo locations.

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