Saturday, January 15, 2011

Landscape Light

Although I spend the vast majority of my time photographing birds, I do occasionally like to see what I can do with some Landscapes. I do not consider myself to be a true landscape photographer, but I enjoy the challenge of a good composition and the capture of meaningful photographic lighting. In my opinion, far too much landscape shooting is about subject and little about lighting. I believe that the most important element of any photo is the lighting that is captured, even more important than the subject itself. Granted, their are hordes of folks who would argue that point, but for me personally, it's all about the light, without which I feel a photo is worthless. What separates one from the masses is his or her ability to wait for the perfect light, and to pass on images where the light falls short. Good photographers, indeed, great photographers seek out and wait for the magic moment when light turns the landscape into a painting. Only then do you have an image deserving of the click of the shutter.

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