Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bluebirds in the Neighborhood

It's a wonderful thing to be able to look out into the backyard and see Bluebirds flitting about. The flash of their bright blue feathers is always a welcome sight. This summer, here in southeast Tennessee, we have had an abundance of Eastern Bluebirds, which is refreshing after four years in a row with very few. None of us seems to have any real explanation for this years' increased numbers, but we're thrilled to have them.

Needless to say, their presence has been wonderful for this bird photographer. Not only are they here in large numbers, but they seem much more approachable this season than any I can recall. With minimal effort on my part, I have been able to get dozens of photos that meet my personal standards for genuine fine art photography. It's been a real joy, and I am grateful for the time I have had with these remarkable little birds.

My resident backyard pair is now working on their second hatching, and it looks like this year we'll certainly see at least three nestings. Even with the extremely hot conditions, this pair of birds seems determined to reproduce as many young as the season will permit. For me, that means more photo opportunities, so check back with us often and I'll continue to share this adventure.

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