Saturday, June 15, 2013

Revisiting Old Photos
        It's time to have another look at some of our old photos. Images that you may have stored away, thinking they weren't up to par, may surprise you when you reprocess them with new updated software. Lately, I have been going through some of my older files and taking a second look at images that disappointed me just a few years ago. Fortunately, I still have many of those images, and I am now thrilled with them, after seeing them reprocessed with todays' software. If you haven't tried this yet, don't wait any longer. Some of those images that are buried deep in your old folders may turn out to be some of your new prize winners.
       The latest versions of software converters make it easy and efficient to get the most from our files. For example, the latest version of Lightroom (Adobe) can take an old file and make it sparkle. With all of the software improvements, you won't believe the quality that has been hiding within your files. Could well be that you're a better photographer than you think. I suggest you pull out a few of the those old images and run them through a new converter and see just how good you really are. I think you'll be surprised. 

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