Friday, April 4, 2014

Making Weather Conditions Work for You

      When weather conditions make it difficult to think about photography, it may just well be the time to get off of the sofa and grab your gear. Experience has taught me that some of the best photo opps can open up for us when we least think it possible. Sometimes we miss wonderful opportunities for prize winning images, by simply not getting out there and embracing the weather the day has given us.
      One of the many tricks that pros have learned is that humidity (often in the form of rain) can produce wonderfully saturated colors in our photos. Moisture has a way of bringing out rich colors in our photographs that look natural and pleasing to the eye. If you take a close look at leaves or rocks after a soaking rain, you'll notice just how saturated their color has become. This, of course, can be an asset to a nature photographer. Many of my best images are "wet images." Not only are they rich in color, but made more interesting by the water droplets that add to the overall interest of the image.
     The Bluebird image above is a classic example of how weather conditions can work on our behalf. Not only has the rain given us water droplets and enhanced our colors, but the fog that often comes after a rain, has worked to soften our background and assist in bringing our focus to the forefront of the image. Weather Works folks. Rather than fight it.......embrace it. Trust me, your images will thank you.