Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Closer Look at Richland Creek

Today I am still feeling the pain of my beloved Sony A900 crashing, so I needed to just get out and do some shooting. So, I pulled out a couple of older DSLR's that have been collecting dust, and off to the hills I went.........with dreams of capturing something special. While I don't think I caught anything earthshaking, I did have fun seeing what I could come up with in capturing the beauty of Richland Creek, a small mountain stream that flows through the Laurel Snow Pocket Wilderness here in East Tennessee. This is one of my favorite places to go, when I don't want to make a road-trip to some distant location. The Canyon, as we locals call it, is one of those special places that calls you back again and again. Over the years, I have made countless trips there and shot thousands of photographs. These are just four more attempts at capturing the beauty of a magical place.

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  1. I love this place too,Dan. You can always get a new photograph there no matter how many times you make the trip.