Saturday, May 8, 2010

There Are Days.....We Just Count Our Blessings

Today was one of those days, when despite all of the frustration, I just have to count my blessings. On what was suppose to be a beautiful day of spending time with my wife and sharing time in the outdoors, I found myself struggling with a malfunctioning camera, and worse, a camera that finally said, "Enough....I am done making pictures." So, in the midst of a wonderful day, and in a place that was stunningly beautiful, I was stuck without a camera. As one might guess, I was not a happy camper.
However, just minutes before the camera decided to take its' last breath, I manage to capture just four images. I had hiked to a very remote area that had been on my radar for weeks, and the goal was to shoot a couple of mountain streams that I had fished a year earlier. As I arrived on the scene, I located a couple of small falls that I quickly captured while the light was good.
Not knowing what had happened with the camera issue, I returned home with doubts as to whether I had actually recorded any images. But, to my amazement, the four shots I did take turned out to make the day worthwhile. So, even in the midst of a melt-down, I am thankful for the images that came home with me. I would hate to have left these behind. I hope everyone enjoys them.

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