Thursday, May 13, 2010

Old Barns and Wise Owls

Like lots of people, I am intrigued by the sight of an old barn. I always find myself slowing down to have a closer look, and then driving away with questions about who built the barn, and who stored hay in the barn, and maybe even who kissed in the barn. Old buildings, whether they be barns or bus stations, always cause me to ponder the stories and the secrets that hide within their walls.

As a bird photographer, old buildings have proven to be havens to lots of birds, who have discovered the safety and the protection that they provide. Though most of my exploration of such structures turn up little more than historic questions, occasionally I am rewarded with a special find. This time, while exploring the countryside outside of Greensboro, N.C., I found a wonderful old barn made of log and still being used to store hay and farm equipment. A Great Horned Owl had also discovered the barn, and I suspect was helping himself to the mice that lived in and around the structure. So.....I shot a couple of frames and left him to his work, as I went on down the road to finish mine. Some days are special........but as I have said so many times before, "you have to get out of the house and go discover them." Good luck with your adventures.

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