Saturday, July 3, 2010

Working with Lightroom 3

This image of the Coyote on a snowy ledge is a very difficult exposure. With this kind of contrast, it is tough to process for both the light snow and the dark rock of the background. But Lightroom 3 handles it without any trouble.

The photo above was taken two years ago in Yellowstone National Park in early May. It was shot with a Canon 30D and Canon 17 - 85 lense. A fill flash was used to bring out some of the foreground detail. It was post-processed using the new Adobe Lightroom 3.

To say that I am excited by the new version of Adobe Lightroom is certainly an understatement. I love this new program, and I am blown away by the improvements from the previous version. Adobe has been listening to its' users, and they have given us the best processing program on the market. It's simple, and it's powerful. I am now reprocessing my older images, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Images that were once rejected are now back on the table, and many are just plain stunning. Thank you Adobe for listening to real photographers.

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