Monday, January 28, 2013

Do We Really Need All of the New Gear?
       After years of answering questions regarding what kind of camera gear I use, I think it's time to share a few thoughts regarding this subject.
       Like so many of you, I enjoy learning about all of the new technical stuff that is being loaded into all of the newest cameras. Today's cameras are capable of doing so much more than just taking a simple photograph. Simply put, they are more like a computer than just a camera. The higher end cameras can now record video, do in camera HDR, in camera panoramas, auto adjust for dynamic range, and countless other tasks. Depending upon your own personal pocketbook, you can pretty much find one that will do just about anything you want. The question, however, is just how much do we really need?
      The photo above is one of my top three selling images, and it has held that title for nearly eight years. By today's standards, it was shot with an antique camera. Not really, but would you believe a six mega pixel APS sensor. While we have all been convinced by the manufactures that we need a full-frame 20+ mg. sensor, the simple truth is that we don't. Good photography is about composition and light, not about mega pixels. Although the image above was shot with the Minolta 7D and its' 6 mg. sensor, I am still continually printing the image at 20 x 40 inches with remarkable results. In all of the years that I have exhibited the image, no one has ever suggested that it was in any way inferior to those shot with my newest gear.  Why? ........because the image speaks for itself. It does not reflect the voice of the camera, but rather the heart of the photographer. The eye and the vision of the man or woman holding the camera will always trump the camera being held. I hope all of you will remember this lesson, and that you'll decide to spend your money on seeking out great images rather than filling your camera bags with more gear. I love new cameras.......but I cherish making new images with whatever camera is in my hand. We are not limited by our gear, but only by our dreams.

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