Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's Really Important.......
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      Nature photography is often about making decisions. We have to ask ourselves what is important in an image, and why are we shooting this image. We make decisions about lighting angles, f stops, shutter speeds, iso settings, and so much more before we even hit the shutter. Too often, however, we shoot without making the most important decision of all........."What is it I am trying to convey with this photo?"
      While I am a bird photographer, I like to think that my images are about so much more than birds. I consider myself to be an environmentalist and an advocate for conservation of our natural resources around the planet. I love the world in which I live, and I attempt to share that love in my photographs. Nature has provided me with an amazing life, and it seems only fair that I should be working to give back to the cause of protecting  our environment.
    I look for images that bring the beauty of our surroundings into our homes and offices. More often than not, I am blown away by the simple splendor that shows itself in all aspects of nature. The often ignored ditch along the side of the road can hold a special moment in time just waiting to be discovered. The lesson for us all is to simply slow down and allow ourselves to see what is already there. Another lesson is to look beyond our intended target to see that which surrounds us.
    In the photo above, the movement of the little warbler caught my eye, but the real beauty seemed to be in the weeds that formed a natural frame for the bird. In this photo the question becomes "Was the target the bird or was it the weeds?" Both are beautiful, and each compliments the other. Nature is like that in all things. We need only to look closely, allowing our eyes to see the whole picture......not just what we thought was the target of the shot. Happy shooting folks.

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