Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Losing the Color and Capturing the Mood

         I certainly don't claim to be a black and white photographer, as my photos tend to be extremely colorful. However, occasionally a scene calls for something different. Over the years I have learned that fog is often best shown in black and white. The example above makes the point of which I speak. The photograph is more about composition than it is about color. On this very grey morning, as I paddled my kayak across the lake, the fog set in and created a mood that caused me to stop seeing color and only see shapes and forms unfold before me. When this Osprey appeared out of the dense fog, I knew I had my shot. With my camera set on AServo mode of focus, I managed to keep the Osprey in focus as he flew directly toward me. A split second after hitting the shutter he quickly changed directions and left the frame. While the shot was originally taken in color, I felt the absence of color best portrayed the scene as I saw it unfold. Using Lightroom 3, I converted the shot to black and white. In this instance, I feel that the conversion best takes me back to that moment in time, when just me and the Osprey shared the solitude.

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