Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Sensors and the Joy of Cropping

Digital photography has done so much for most of us in the field. We now have the ability to do so many things with our images that were much more difficult in the film era. As digital sensors advance, we are now seeing not only better images, but also much bigger images. While we thought 6 megapixel shots were great just a couple of years ago, we now expect cameras to offer us 12 - 24 megapixels as routine. Fullframe sensors are more common place today, and with the giant sensors and their increased size, we can now crop out small pieces of an image and still have plenty of resolution for a decent print.
The image above was a quick capture of a Goldfinch taken earlier this spring, and I then cropped a small portion of the image to produce this shot. The image you see here is roughly about one third of the complete shot. Still, using my Sony A900 with its' 24 mg. fullframe sensor, I was able to make a nice composition with sufficient resolution for a quality print. More and more I am finding that compositions can be enhanced with some selective cropping. I suggest you give it a try the next time you sit down to do some photo editing.

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