Monday, April 5, 2010

Special Places

Those of us who love nature and relish in its' beauty seem to always have found special places that draw us back again and again. For some it might be a mountain stream close to home, while for others it might be a secret spot deep in the desert. None of us can really explain the passion we feel for such a place, but all of us can understand the peace it can bring to our souls. I think all of us need such a place, and my hope is that everyone finds their own favorite spot in this world.
For me, I seem to be drawn to the marshes of the coastal regions of the eastern United States. Their I find the peace and solitude that feeds my creative soul. It is there that I find inspiration and restoration for my very being. Perhaps it's the quietness of the marsh or maybe the sound of the wind moving through the grasses that feeds my passion, but whatever it is .......I simply love it. I love the minute by minute anticipation of what will come next. The not knowing what lies ahead. I need the colors of the marsh to fill my head and warm my heart, and I marvel at the joy I can find there even in the midst of the rain.
I think man needs nature in ways he may not even know. I believe that in nature we are complete, and that when we open our hearts to what surrounds us, we see clearly and focus sharply. I wish everyone could find a special spot.....a place to reflect.....a place to learn about what is on the inside of all of us.

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  1. Your photography is greatly inspiring for this amateur. I've got you on my favorites. Your loss of sight did not take away your "eye." Bless you for sharing such beauty.