Friday, April 16, 2010

Flowers and Feathers

It's always exciting to find a surprize, when you least expect it. Earlier this week, while pushing my way through some very tall grass and weeds trying to get some shots of wild Wisteria, I discovered this little Indigo Bunting enjoying a warm spot in the sunlight. These birds are common here in Tennesse during the summer months, but leave us early each fall to migrate south. This time of year we begin looking for them, along with the hummingbirds that seem to return about the same time.
Often mistaken for Bluebirds, these beautiful little birds can be found in open meadows, where they enjoy a diet of small grains and insects. The sight of their flash of blue is one you can't miss. The bird is a spectacular shade of blue that changes in the light as it catches different angles of the light beam. Sometimes appearing almost black, they may also show as a brilliant indigo blue.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that is an excellent shot! Very stunning!
    Amusingly we generally only have Eastern bluebirds in my area. They are quite a shot of color.
    Wisteria looks so beautiful, and coupled with the indigo bunting is just sublime. Looks like a wonderful place to be.