Monday, April 26, 2010

I Noticed A Flying Jewel in My Garden

Every year around the 11th of April I take note of the return of our Hummingbirds. Give or take a couple of days, they arrive in my garden around the same date each Spring. This arrival seems to be perfectly timed with several flowering plants and bushes that provide a food source for these hungry little birds.
The other morning I decided to go take a few shots of our blooming Wiegelia, and I came face to face with this beautiful little Ruby throated hummingbird. They seem to love this bush, and more often than not, I can find one of them perched somewhere in the midst of it. Flying back and forth to our hanging hummingbird feeder, they return to the Wiegelia for a resting spot. It provides them with great cover and camoflage. Surprisingly, they blend right into the colors to the flowers and leaves.

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  1. They're interesting birds, aren't they? And quite marvelous creatures! Ours get very territorial. Summers are always filled with the sound of hummingbirds squeaking at one another as they give chase around the feeders
    : )