Monday, February 8, 2010

It's All About Reading the Light

My files are full of thousands of photographs that I am pleased to have taken, but only a few move me in a way that gives me a thrill. Those photos have something special going for them.......they have the magic light. We all know about the special quality of light coming at sunrise or close to sunset. Books on photography tell us the importance of shooting during these times.

Sometimes, however, we can still capture beautifully lit scenes in the middle of the day. This cyote was photographed in the middle of the afternoon on an overcast day that was occassionally interrupted with some sunshine. I followed this cyote for several hours carrying my 600mm and tripod. Just when I had about given up, I caught a break and the sun hit him. I snapped off a dozen or so frames before the glume of the day returned. What had been an otherwise uneventfully morning turned into a magical moment.

Waiting for the light can be boring. It sometimes pushed us all into a place we don't like to see ourselves. But.....sometimes really good things come to those who wait.

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