Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Magic of Light

Last week I had the chance to visit Savannah Wildlife Refuge, which has always been one of my very favorite places to shoot. It's one of those magical places that I found years ago, and I seem to visit there at least two or three times each year. I think I love it so much because I usually have the refuge to myself. It is not one of those that is frequented by throngs of people. Although located just minutes from downtown Savannah, it seems to be ignored by most of the locals.

On this trip I concentrated my shooting to the early morning. I arrived each morning at 6:00am, which is about a half hour before sunrise. Stopping for my usual coffee, I would head out to a predertermined location on the refuge selected for directional lighting and tide movement. In this refuge, tides make a huge difference in your outcome. Knowing the tides is extremely important in determining where you need to be to capture birds. My subjects know exactly where the food source will be at any given time based on the tidal movement. Obviously, I need to have that same information.

Dawn is a great time to be in any marsh. As the light begins to break, the marsh comes alive for a new day. Waterfowl begin lifting off the water, herons and egrets leave the rookeries, and waves of birds flash through the marsh. It really is a wonderful place to be. I feel sorry for people who never take the time to enjoy these sights. Nature is incredible, and it's sad that so many people today just don't take the time to soak it all in. Dawn in a marsh is like a powerful drug that somehow has the ability to heal us. Although not approved by the FDA, trust me, it has healing powers.

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  1. The last time I was in Savannah, June of 2011, I believe.. I made a point of visiting this very place. I loved it, and I would love to go back. And you are correct it is nestled right outside the city, without much intervention from other folks. Great place to take photographs for sure.