Friday, February 5, 2010

When Meters Just Won't Work

Modern camera equipment has made most of us lazy. Even the pro level cameras are full of auto settings that make us too reliant on the equipment, and less focused on the skills that have made us good photographers. While the auto settings on most of today's cameras do an outstanding job of capturing an image, there are those times when the nature of the scene just cannot be captured in Auto Mode. It's at these moments we learn just what our skill level really is. I have included a few examples of shots that needed much more than an automatic setting on a camera. Here I had to go back to the basics of exposure, where one has to "think". Too bad so many photographers today have either not learned these skills, or have decided to just trust the camera for all of the decisions.

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  1. I just love that picture of the bird sitting on the cattail. This blog is quite beautiful. I understand what you mean about the auto setting. I am not an artist or a photographer and I absolutely rely on auto... too bad, because if I didn't I might try hard to get a better picture and learn something. :)