Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seeing Subjects With Painterly Eyes

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to painters. At a very early age, I remember clearly going to the library and heading straight to the art section, where I could spend hours looking through art history books. I was then, and continue to be today, in awe of the really great painters, who have created incredible works that have demonstrated the test of time.

I think, when I chose photography as my way of expressing my own creativity, I knew that I wanted my photos to have those same elements of design and composition that I saw in the work of the great masters. So the journey began for me to discover what it was about the truly outstanding paintings that made me want to view them over and over again.

Hopefully, today my photographs convey what I often refer to as a "painterly quality." I often hear from folks that my photos look so much like paintings rather than photographs. I love that, as it means I am on track with what I sat out to achieve so many years ago. For me, it means that each time I look through the lense of my camera, I am seeking to compose a masterful painting. I am looking for the magical light, the perfect balance of composition and color, and an image that expresses a very special moment in time. It's really never about the moment of capture, but always about the thought process that comes before the shot.

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